We understand the vibe here in Wyoming because we live here. Duh. But, how would our lives appear to someone who lives in England? Let's find out.

Joel and Lia have a very popular YouTube channel with upwards of nearly 300,000 subscribers. They recently shared a reaction to a Wyoming Tourism video.

That Joel is a funny bloke, isn't he? (Bloke = British reference to a dude) Bet Lia has a hard time keeping him in line. Their video has some special moments, but here are a few highlights (and not so highlights):

Their reference to the guy representing Wyoming in a cowboy hat seemed to be a little demeaning. "...just sat there with his hat on and didn't speak to anyone all day...cowboy hat...the shoes...pointy shoes...he didn't look right". Lia thought he would have made a decent costume character. Yikes.

  • They also felt like most of us say "Wyoming" too fast. I've always been proud of how slow we say it. Go figure.
  • They don't seem impressed with the sculptures in Rawlins, but they like our hiking locations so there's that.
  • About 7 1/2 minutes in, they talk about Casper. They love us because of all the BMX biking and our mountain so that's nice.

I felt like this "chap" (British word for lad or boy) and his lady have great personalities and interesting viewpoints. I did kinda get the idea that they really don't understand our vibe here. It appears there are too many stereotypes in their mind of what Wyoming is like which makes it easy to laugh at us instead of understanding that we're not all cowpokes around these parts. Yes, my British friends, this is sarcasm.

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