Laramie County School District 1 says an ongoing social media threat that has been circulating among its junior high schools appears to be unsubstantiated.

"This potential threat stems from a nationwide TikTok trend threatening gun violence," LCSD1 spokeswoman Mary Quast said in a news release Thursday afternoon.

"The threat is being monitored by school districts and law enforcement agencies across the nation," she added.

Quast says out of an abundance of caution, additional law enforcement will be present at the district's schools for the remainder of the week.

"We appreciate the students who reported this incident," said Quast. "Students play an essential role in reporting information to authorities."

Quast says social media threats or concerning statements should be reported to the School Resource Officer or submitted through Safe2Tell Wyoming.

"As you may recall, we have seen similar social media threats emerge throughout the nation and in our district over the past several months," said Quast.

"Remember, spreading misinformation and rumors only makes it more challenging to assess viable threats," she added.

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