Donn Bruns, Lifestyle Photogrpahy
Donn Bruns, Lifestyle Photography

Representative Gerald Gay [R-Natrona County] and Evanston Resident Karl Allred are suing Governor Matt Mead, Attorney General Peter Micheal, and the legislative leadership of both political parties over what the plaintiffs claim is a violation of the Wyoming Constitution in awarding contracts for work on the capitol renovation project.

The suit, filed in Laramie County District Court on Thursday, says contracts were awarded without issuing a required Request For Proposals [RFP] for contractors interested in doing work as part of the renovation project.

It says the bids were awarded without competition, in some cases going to people who had contributed to Governor Mead's political campaign.

The suit doesn't ask for any damages, or even attorney fees. It also doesn't seek to invalidate any contracts awarded for the renovation project, but only a court ruling that proper procedures be followed in awarding bids for future state projects. The attorney for the plaintiff is Drake Hill, husband of former state Superintendent Cindy Hill, but Gay and Allred say that holds no political significance or bearing on the suit.

A call to a spokesman for Governor Matt Mead seeking comment on the suit was not immediately returned.

A copy of the suit can be seen here.

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