We are excited to announce that Spring Wind Assisted Living is sponsoring a community wide drive for 8 area families headed by single mothers who have all completed the CLIMB Wyoming program.  We hope to get items donated that will truly bless these moms and their children. See related story LINK>

Wednesday at 8:00 am listen to an on-air interview with Katie Hogarty, Laramie’s Program Director

We are looking for but, not limited to these types of items:

1.) Toys: Anything fun!
2.) Educational: Books, Paper, Pencil, Pens, Art supplies, and anything school related.
3.) Fun: Gift cards for Bowling, Movies etc.
4.) Extras: MP3 players, Movies, CD’s etc.
5.) Anything else you feel would be beneficial to these families.

All donations can be dropped off to:

Spring Wind, 1072 North 22nd St. Laramie, WY by June 22nd.



CLIMB Wyoming, a non-profit organization, trains and places low-income single mothers in careers that successfully support their families.

Here is one of the many testimonies from just one mother who has graduated from CLIMB:


It seemed simple enough: Amy just needed some help to get her life back on track. She was a single mom of three young boys, and the children’s father was nowhere in their lives. She worked as hard as she could to pay the bills, but it was still a struggle to do that … and it was taking a toll on the relationship with her kids.

That’s when Amy turned to CLIMB Wyoming.

Thanks to your donation of a parenting class, Amy has discovered the joys of being a mom and has been given the tools to realize that she can and will be successful as a single parent. The boys are now able to see a future that’s full of possibility, and a mom who is there to make that happen.

She says, “I actually thought about giving up, but these classes have really given me that hope that I can raise my kids well even if I’m on my own.”

Thank you for considering donating to this great cause.  Let’s show Laramie moms we care by donating items that will go to these women and their children.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us!

Andy Smith (DOSM)
Spring Wind
1072 N. 22nd St.
Laramie, WY 82072

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