Unfortunately Wyoming women earn only 65 cents for every dollar earned by men; the largest wage disparity between genders in the United States (2009 US Census Bureau). Wyoming is known for being the equality state; we can do better!

CLIMB Wyoming is a non-profit organization that trains and places low-income single mothers in careers that successfully support their families. CLIMB’s unique and comprehensive job training model has helped over 1,200 women enter higher paying careers, and graduates consistently double or even triple their monthly income. CLIMB programs are located in Laramie, Cheyenne, Casper, Gillette, the Teton area, and the Sweetwater area serve families in more than 12 Wyoming counties.

Katie Hogarty, Laramie’s Program Director, is launching a new CLIMB program on June 20th. This program will directly help 12 local single moms with training and eventual placement into higher-pay office or nursing jobs right here in Laramie. The program is an 8-10 week intensive job training in their respective field and covers: interview skills, life learning skills, counseling, computer skills, and continued support. After the training and job placement, CLIMB Wyoming pays the employer for 10 weeks of pay. This way the employer is paid while training a new employee and then the CLIMB graduate is ready for placement.


Some statistics about the Laramie graduates of the CLIMB Wyoming program:
  Before starting CLIMB $967-24 months later $1734
  Before starting CLIMB 58% - 24 months later 20%
  Before starting CLIMB 41% - 24 months later 75%

“Before CLIMB, my life had no meaning to me. I had no confidence in myself, so I didn’t really care about anything. My life has been all negative thoughts from people who didn’t believe in me. Participating in CLIMB really opened my eyes to life. CLIMB gave me hope and confidence and strength in myself. I feel I am somebody now. I owe it all to CLIMB.” – B.L., CLIMB Wyoming graduate.

Check out CLIMB’s website and view the video.

For more information, visit www.climbwyoming.org or call 307.742.9346.

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