MJ Sisneros was recognized last night for his work in bringing justice for his employee and friend, who was killed last June in Laramie. 

Sisneros was concerned when Mathew Caggiano didn’t show up for work at Rocky Mountain Contracting on Monday, June 27, 2022, and had been out of contact for several days. Sisneros’s call for a welfare check launched what turned out to be a homicide investigation for his friend.

Caggiano, 27, had been at Copper’s Bar in Laramie when he became embroiled with couple Hunter Orion Fulton and Erin Wade. Fulton and Wade invited Caggiano back to the Gas Lite Motel, where Fulton shot Caggiano in the head after allegedly kissing his girlfriend, Wade.

Laramie Police Chief Brian Browne presented Sisneros with a Citizen Service Citation for his efforts in bringing his friend to justice and helping the Caggiano family along the way.

Chief Browne smiled as he introduced the award as “not a typical citation,” and one that is a celebration amidst tragedy. 

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Chief Browne commended the officers and police staff involved with the case and stated, “The mother of the victim demanded recognition of the officers and Mr. Sisneros.” 

“The care that you put forth for an employee, a friend, and one of our community members: thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Chief Browne said. 

Adding to the list of deeds of a grieving Sisneros, Chief Browne added that during a “four-day intensive search for Matthew, Mr. Sisneros continued to assist police officers, and Matthew’s family, long after the initial investigation was completed.”

“Mr. Sisneros is a kind and considerate citizen who went above and beyond for the family of his friend. He significantly contributed to the successful resolution of a reprehensible crime that shook the entire Laramie community,” Chief Browne said.

Assistant Chief of Police Robert Terry said Sisneros “played a vital role with the family,” who lives in Idaho. “When the case was done, he retrieved the victim’s pickup truck, had it detailed, and got it ready to return for Caggiano’s family.”

“Thank you, Mr. Sisneros, for making Laramie a safer place by helping law enforcement investigate, arrest, and prosecute those who chose to break the law and prey on the citizens of Albany County,” Chief Browne said in closing.

An emotional Sisneros received a standing ovation from City Council and an embrace from Chief Browne. 

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