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Let's face it - Laramie is a college town. As such, the everyday life in Laramie largely revolves around the activities of the students and the schedule of the University. During school months, many outside of academia avoid most restaurants. Likewise, many outside of academia might avoid driving down Ivinson during school months or 15th Street. Along those same lines, those who wish to avoid the student crowd should probably steer clear of the following places for the next few days. Why only the next few days you ask? Well- adhering to the idea that college towns are subject to the schedule of the University, next week is EXAM WEEK! Without further delay, here is my list of the Five Best Study Spots in Laramie.

*DISCLAIMER* Campus can feel a little crowded for UW students, especially during exam week. As such, this post will have zero on-campus locations!


The Iron Skillet is a great study spot for a number of reasons. The first, is that they offer food, 24 hours a day. The second, if you are studying and want to get away from campus, Iron Skillet is about as far away from the UW campus you can get while staying in Laramie. For a quiet booth to hit the books over some chicken-fried-steak, it doesn't get much better than Iron Skillet.

The Grounds Internet & Coffee Lounge

Grounds is a great little coffee shop not far from the UW campus. Though there isn't the most room and can fill up quickly, if you get a spot to sit, you will be comfortable with the padded chairs and sofas. Grounds offers competitive prices, desktop computers that you can use to surf the net if you don't want to bring your own computer with you; or if you opt to bring your laptop, there is free wi-fi, always a plus.

Albany County Public Library, Photo Courtesy of Adam Porter

Many UW students fail to experience the great opportunities offered by the Albany County Public Library as they tend to stay on campus. This wonderful public library offers many of the same academic outlets as Coe Library but is often less hectic than anything on the UW campus. Great quiet areas to study, plenty of resources to study, very close to campus make this gem of Laramie number three on my list.

Coal Creek Coffee Company, Photo Courtesy Coal Creek Coffee Company Facebook Page

Coal Creek is your typical coffee shop- long hours- free wi-fi- hot drinks- warm- quiet. One great and unique thing about Coal Creek is their dual locations in Laramie. They have one spot downtown and one in the UW plaza; both offer the same comfortable atmosphere and both are walking distance from campus, allowing for great availability of enjoyable off-campus studying.


Shari's tops the list of best off-campus study locations in Laramie for three simple reasons. First: Shari's is close to campus. I know, no one wants to walk outside in Laramie right now, but it's on 3rd street, ultimately, you don't have to get in your car to get to Shari's. Second: Free wireless internet. This doesn't alienate Shari's from other locations on this list, but the fact that there is free internet goes hand in hand with the final justifying reason- Third: 24 Hours a day. Suppose it's 3 AM, you want some pancakes and a place to write a term paper? Go to Shari's. What if it's 1:15 in the morning, you have a mad craving for a burger, unfathomably with an egg on top of it, a milkshake, and maybe some tater-tots; all while staying online to research a History final? No where else in Laramie can make this happen but Shari's. All things considered, this is the best off-campus study location in Laramie.

So for those of you who like to avoid the University crowd, stay away from these places over the next few days. Those of you who will be using this list as a guide of where to go for the next few days, study hard, study safe, and do well!