As a proud owner of 2 dogs, a 11 year old pug named Marley, and a 11 month old lab named Schooner, I am always getting them out to do there business and keep them active. The new lab needs a lot of exercise and loves to fetch constantly! I do enjoy all of our city parks and think Laramie is very fortunate to have the parks we do have. The Parks and Recreation Department is entering a contest to win a grant  to start a cool dog park at Optimist Park in west Laramie.  Help our community by spreading the word and voting for Laramie to win!

The Laramie's Park & Recreation has entered a contest for a community to win $100,000 for the remodel or installation of a dog park!  The judging is based on several factors.  We have started to “Bark for our Park”.  We have the location all ready to go as part of the master plan for Optimist Park by the Laramie River! It will take several phases to complete this plan with a large dog park with amenities as a focal point! This will be the only dog park in our City of 31,000 people. Please help us provide a safe and fun place for our dogs to play and meet new friends!  ENTER NOW! 

The current dog park located in Optimist Park, built in 1990 is the only place to take your dog off leash in Laramie. "The current off leash dog park area in Optimist Park has never met the expectations of the Parks and Recreation Department. The dog park lacks green grass, trees, shade or park benches. This design is a great opportunity to upgrade the Optimist Park off leash dog area to meet the demands of dog owners in the Laramie Community. "  - says Paul Harrison, Parks & Recreation Director

Even if Laramie does not win the "Bark for our Park" contests there is a 4-5 year plan to convert Optimist Park into the dog friendly park. The other organizations that are supportive of the dog park are:  The Laramie Animal Shelter Foundation, Albany County Recreation Board and Albany Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.


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