A Laramie woman has been charged with child abuse. Kaylean Bunn, 25, was arrested Monday, Dec. 12 as a result of a Laramie Police Department officer’s investigation into a report of child abuse.

The officer responded to a report of a student at Slade Elementary School who had visible marks and bruises on his neck and head.

After making contact with the school counselor and principal, the officer interviewed the child who offered many causes for the injuries before eventually disclosing that his mother had hit him with a stick, according to court documents.

The child said his mother had hit him with a stick over the weekend because she was upset with him for being loud while his brother was sleeping.

According to the affidavit, Bunn had called the school earlier in the day to ask the staff to not report the injuries to the Department of Family Services because the injuries came from another child over the weekend.

When the officer interviewed Bunn, she initially stated that the child was at his great-grandparents’ home in Colorado over the weekend and returned home with the bruises.  Inconsistencies in Bunn’s story aroused the officer’s suspicion, and she confronted Bunn for lying. Bunn admitted she had not told the truth.

The officer contacted the great- grandparents of the child, the grandmother stated she had not seen the child in over two months.

Bunn is out on a $10,000 cash bond. Her preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 22.

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