We all know that Sunday is the game of all games for football fans, Super Bowl LV. Football fans everywhere will be watching, but what are the best cities in the U.S. for football fans. It turns out, of all the cities on the list, Laramie, WY has a decent showing.

Our friends at WalletHub found a way to research what cities in the nation have the best and worst football fans. More than 240 cities were researched in the recent study through several measure that would determine their ranking, such as fan engagement, number of NFL/college football teams, and stadium capacity. With all that data taken into consideration, Laramie finished overall as the 102nd best city in the U.S. for football fans. Considering the criteria, I'd say that's a pretty decent finish.

Of the cities listen, Laramie was considered a 'small city', which is pretty fair given their size. And of cities containing well known football programs with a relatively decent fanbase, Laramie finished 54th overall on that list. Cities on that list that Laramie finished ahead of were Evanston, IL (Northwestern University), Ames, IA (Iowa State University), West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University), and Fayetteville, AR (University of Arkansas - they're in the SEC). So yes, that's a pretty impressive ranking. Thank you for being so devoted to your University of Wyoming Cowboys, Laramie.

As for Cheyenne, they did not show up on the list, as there is no football team and/or stadium there. But hey, we always have our Pokes at the college level. And of course, lots of Cheyenne includes Denver Broncos fans. Speaking of which, Denver, CO finished 11th overall, while Fort Collins, CO finished 236th on the list. Wow, it kind of looks like University of Wyoming football fans > Colorado State University football fans...just sayin'.

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