There are plenty of great reasons to live in Laramie, and the folks over at are piling on with high praise for the Gem City in their list of the '5 Most Affordable Cities in Wyoming.'

The website lists Laramie as Wyoming's most affordable city to live in, but it's not because Laramie has the lowest housing costs or the highest average household income on their list.

Actually, it's the quality of life that puts Laramie above Casper, Cheyenne, Gillette and Rock Springs (listed in descending order).

"For one thing, Laramie residents pay less for food and utilities than most people in America," the author, Teree Caruthers, writes. "Residents also have access to higher education, sporting events, cultural activities and continuing education and training at the University of Wyoming, which calls Laramie home.

Caruthers also cites nearby outdoor recreation opportunities in every season -- whether it's skiing up at Snowy Range, rock climbing, or rafting and fishing on the Laramie and North Platte Rivers -- as great reasons to find oneself at home in Laramie.

"Laramie's small-town charm attracts both families and retirees, and the town offers a full roster of family-friendly activities, including ice skating, ice hockey and youth sports," Caruthers writes.

And while the list seemingly glosses over Wyoming's energy bust, it certainly gets credit for putting Laramie where it belongs -- at the top.

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