Several Laramie Police Department employees were recognized for their work in the homicide case that began last June in Laramie. 

Sergeants Sally Dalles and Matthew Leibovitz, Detective Patrick Buenger, and evidence technician Jennifer Kelley received official Letters of Commendation for their work in closing the case against Hunter Fulton, who shot, killed, and partially dismembered Matthew Caggiano, 27, last summer for allegedly kissing Fulton’s girlfriend, Erin Wade.

Laramie Police Chief Brian Browne first recognized Dalles “For her professionalism, assiduity, and exhausting efforts during a complex homicide investigation.”

The investigation began on June 27, 2022, when MJ Sisneros (who also received recognition from Chief Browne) requested a welfare check on his employee and friend Caggiano, who didn’t show up to work that Monday. 

Leibovitz assisted patrol with the investigation, which ultimately resulted in the arrest of two suspects, Fulton and Wade. Fulton was arrested first, while sitting in his Nissan van outside the Gas Lite Motel, engine running, preparing to depart Laramie on June 29.

Leibovitz then did a sweep of room 28, where he found Caggiano’s decomposing body in a plastic bag in the bathtub, partially dismembered. 

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After Fulton’s arrest, Dalles and Buenger responded to assist Leibovitz with crime scene processing and evidence collection. According to the affidavit, officers found “substantial amounts of bloodstains throughout the entire motel room,” men’s workboots, a reciprocating saw, and a hand-operated wood saw with suspected human tissue on it. 

Chief Browne said, “For the next six months, the three of them, along with evidence technician Jennifer Kelley, worked diligently to ensure the Deputy Albany County Prosecuting Attorney had everything needed for a successful prosecution. They worked countless hours executing search warrants, packaging and submitting evidence, meeting with expert witnesses, conducting interviews and follow-up investigations, completing reports, coordinating with out-of-state agencies, and testifying at court hearings.” 

In total, Leibovitz submitted 18 police reports, authored nine search warrants, oversaw all witness preparation, and drove to California along with Dalles to interview and assist in the arrest of Wade.

Dalles submitted three police reports, monitored jail calls, assisted with the out-of-jurisdiction transport of Wade for hearings, assisted with the preparation of over 600 items for discovery, and supervised the entire investigation.

Buenger submitted nine police reports and authored 12 search warrants. 

Evidence technician Kelley processed over 300 pieces of evidence, prepared and submitted over 100 items to the State Lab for examination, and assisted with the preparation of 606 items for discovery. 

Additionally, Chief Browne recognized Lieutenant Gwen Smith for her strength and leadership, who was in charge of the investigation. He also thanked Deputy Albany County Prosecuting Attorney Becky Farley for her help in successfully prosecuting Fulton and Wade. 

Wade was sentenced to one year in jail after being convicted in June for interfering with a police investigation. 

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