A convicted sex offender who says he failed to register a vehicle as required was sentenced to a term of supervised probation Wednesday in Albany County District Court.

Tarl Bernard, 26, pleaded guilty on one count of failure to register and asked the court to be sentenced without a presentence investigation. Judge Wade E. Waldrip sentenced Bernard to two years of supervised probation with an underlying three- to five-year prison term.

Court documents say Bernard, who was convicted of sexual abuse of a minor in the second degree in 2009, was suspected of driving a GMC Acadia to and from work at Shari's. Bernard is required to register any vehicle he drives per his status as a sex offender, but the Acadia was not registered with the Albany County Sheriff's Office.

On March 6, a deputy responded to a crash in the Shari's parking lot involving Bernard and the Acadia. Bernard admitted to driving the GMC, according to the affidavit, and that it was not registered as required.

Bernard told the court Wednesday that he was only driving the vehicle that day because his mother and sister were incapacitated and couldn't drive him to work, but court documents say Bernard's boss told a deputy at the scene of the March 6 crash that she had seen Bernard drive the Acadia to and from work "on numerous occasions."

"I am guilty. I will not deny that," Bernard said.

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