Recently, students at Laramie High School (LHS) have been introduced to a new way to learn math: through a virtual reality headset.

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These VR headsets are changing the way math is taught at LHS, and the students are having fun while mastering new material.

Laramie High School is running the VR program as a Beta test school. Superintendent Dr. Jubal Yennie and LHS math teacher Ariane Eicke approached Taufa after hearing a presentation from Prisms, the VR company. Since the Beta test was for Algebra I, the subject Taufa teaches, she was asked to run the test.

These VR lessons are being used to extend what is taught in the normal Algebra I curriculum. She teaches the topic in class, then uses the VR headsets to give the students a chance to apply what they just learned in a real-world scenario. This helps students retain what they have learned.

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