As the weather gets warmer, more Laramie residents are going to start taking their dogs everywhere with them, including to some of Laramie's local restaurants. Enter Bring Fido, which lists pet friendly businesses, including restaurants and hotels, in cities across the world. The site also provides a rating system so that people traveling with their pets can find the best place for their four legged friends to eat or stay at. Inspired by our Sioux Falls cohorts, we decided to look at Laramie's pet-friendly restaurant options.

Unfortunately, only 7 options pop up when you search Laramie on Bring Fido. Even then, one of the restaurants is located in Centennial, leaving Laramie with 6 options, none of which have reviews.

The listed restaurants include: Turtle Rock Coffee, McAllister's, Snowy Range Sports Bar, Sonic, Mr. Jim's, and Night Heron.

With all of the outdoor dining options in Laramie, there have to be more options than what's listed. Where's your favorite place to take your dog in town?

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