Moving to Laramie four years ago, Fred Langley probably didn’t imagine his daughter’s childhood dream and his passion for athletics would combine to form a family business that epitomizes the term. Coaches Scoop Frozen Desserts was built on the dedication, hard work and creativity of the Langley family.

Kayla Langley is responsible for the delicious frozen treats that are gaining a following from here to Denver. As a child she talked about opening an ice cream or dessert parlour and has pursued that dream through college, informal apprenticeship, and years of planning, to start a successful, steadily growing business.

She developed the recipes and continues to make all of the desserts from scratch using staggering amounts of fresh fruit and high quality ingredients. The many flavors of ice cream include Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet and Lemon Bar, to name just a few favorites. Sherbet, sorbet, Italian ice and gelato are available as well. In addition to all the time spent in the kitchen, Kayla also works events with her family.

The time spent together as a family is a welcome change for Fred Langley; after years of devoting unnumbered hours to other people’s kids, he is now getting the chance to spend more time with his own.

“This is a little different from coaching,” said Langley, grinning as he scooped ice cream at the Jubilee Day’s Farmers Market, “now she (Kayla) gives all the orders.”

Handing the paper dishes to his daughter, Langley continued, “I miss the guys…but they keep in touch.”

During this brief conversation and a tour of Super Scoop, the mobile ice cream parlour, the only way to describe Langley’s attitude was that of a kid in a candy shop. . .or perhaps, an ice cream truck.

With the excitement of promoting and expanding a business come many obstacles. Facing the challenge of starting and maintaining a business in a less than ideal economy did not deter the Langleys, instead it encouraged them to work together and make the most of each person’s skill set. Langley’s passion for coaching and working with student athletes is evident, not only in the name of the business, but also in the continuing development of Coaches Scoop as a fundraising opportunity.

Coaches Scoop is currently in the process of licensing coaches and working to create set-ups for high school clubs and teams that will not only provide jobs for athletes, but will also enable coaches to continue teaching and mentoring in high school athletics without having to sacrifice their own families’ finances for the privilege.

Langley handles the marketing and scheduling for Coaches Scoop. They travel to farmers markets and events throughout Wyoming and Colorado. Success is exhilarating and in some situations might invite overreaching, but the Langleys aren’t in any rush; “We want to stay grounded with our mission, take our time and do it right,” Langley said.

You can always satisfy your cravings for Apple Pie Ala Mode, Strawberry Cheesecake or Key Lime Pie ice cream from 3:00-7:00pm at the Laramie Farmers Market, but if you simply cannot wait a whole week between visits, follow Coaches Scoop on Twitter and you will always know when and where to find them.