Spring brings with it vibrant colors, among these delightful sights and sounds is the annual Laramie Dance Center Spring performance this Saturday at 1PM on the University of Wyoming Campus in the Arts and Sciences auditorium. This wonderful performance is absolutely free to the public. Assembled are over 318 costumed dancers of all ages performing cleverly choreographed, well rehearsed, beautifully executed dance pieces. " The costumes are incredible this year" commented avid dance enthusiast Judy Jones last night at the tech rehearsal.

Laramie Dance Center owner Kathy Vreeland has dedicated her life to dancing, training and performing with the country's finest professionals. Along with an accomplished team of experienced and talented instructors she has put together an incredible show highlighting her students. From Classical and Contemporary Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop,Tap, Irish Step Dance, and Children's Musical Theater there is a style that will appeal to everyone in the entire family.

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