The Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce is running a big fundraiser and are giving you the chance to win $5,000! If you win it will certainly be a nice Christmas gift. Here is how it works:

Raffle tickets are being sold now at $50 a peice and only 200 will be sold. This means you have a 1 in 200 shot at $5,000 which actually isn't horrible. Then on December 17th a reverse drawing will be held to determine the winner. You don't have to be present on the 17th to win but you do have to be avaliable by phone. The reverse drawing is somewhat interesting; in the first round every ticket except 10 will be eliminated. Then each of those 10 ticket holders have to make a decision, split the money 10 ways or eliminate 5 more tickets. If even one person elects to keep going and eliminate more tickets the elimination proceeds. Then when 5 more tickets are eliminated the same decision process happens again and elimination may continue on until there is only one winner if that is what participants elect to do.

If you would like to buy a ticket and take your chance at the big payout contact the Laramie Chamber of Commerce at

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