Laramie-based engineering company TriHydro has announced a corporate and employee pledge to support the Pilot Hill Project, which includes the purchase of a 5,500 acre plot of land near Laramie. The Albany County Commission signed a purchase agreement last fall for the land, which cost $10.5 million, following an appraisal conducted in January 2018.

The funds, which include cash donations and dollar for dollar employee contributions have already surpassed $25,000.

TriHydro President and CEO Jack Bedessem said in a press release that "as a Laramie-founded firm, TriHydro has a personal connection to the Pilot Hill Project", adding that "We also appreciate the efforts by many to advance the Pilot Hill Project and look forward to sharing in the benefits that its completion will offer our community."

The Pilot Hill land extends from the eastern edge of Laramie to the Pole Mountain Unit located in Medicine Bow Forest and overlays the Casper Aquifer recharge zone. The Wyoming Department of State Lands and Investments is looking into the possibility of a land swap that would free up other pieces of land in the county.

For more information about the Pilot Hill Project, click here.

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