Townsquare Media would like to update our listening audience on what’s going on with our radio stations.

A pipe burst at our studios sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Due to the nature of this disaster, both stations, KOWB-AM and KCGY-FM, have not been able to either broadcast at all or our normal signal. When that happens is not known at this time.

Contrary to some wild and ridiculous rumors out there, and we’ve heard some crazy ones, the truth is that the disaster was so serious that power to a majority of the building had to be shut off for most of the last few days. This includes our phone system.

Next comes, the assessment and trying to get us back to normal broadcasting. As you might realize, water and electronics and wiring, don’t mix very well. We’ve had dryers in the building the last two-plus days trying to help dry out the situation.

It is true that KCGY-FM has had a signal. That was thanks to our engineering rigging a way for Y95 Country to broadcast the stream of a company country station out of Cheyenne, 106.3 Cowboy Country, otherwise known as KLEN-FM.

For now, our engineer and building owners are working hard to get this straightened out, but it will take some time, so please be patient and understanding. We’re not going anywhere, but this has had a significant impact on us.

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