Some Wyomingites loathe Jackson. It is the only county that ever votes democratic. They describe it as more California than Wyoming. The truth is Jackson, Wyoming, is an incredible place.

The ugly truth is it is expensive. To say people are entitled would be an understatement. It is crowded compared to most of Wyoming. The people who work in the town can't afford to live there. These are all valid arguments condemning the opulent mountain town. If it has such a disdain locally, why do people from around the world visit? I had to investigate.

What impressed me the most were the Tetons. It is the approach as you drive into town. The land is relatively flat, and it's in broad valley. Then - BAM - jetting up from the earth is the monolithic Teton range.

Dirty bald eagle perched on old aspen tree in Grand Teton National Park
Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

The land is full of wildlife. Moose, elk, deer, coyotes, and bears roam the region. Bald eagles patrol the skies, and ravens clean the streets. It is teaming with life both wild and human.

Jackson Townsquare is crawling with shoppers and foodies. Art galleries line the streets (it usually doesn't cost anything to look.) There are plenty of tourist-trap boutiques: candy stores, t-shirt shops, and novelty stores.

It can be an expensive trip staying in Jackson, but it can be a great vacation.

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