A special little girl from Cheyenne recently got to experience "The Happiest Place on Earth" thanks to Make-A-Wish Wyoming.

This past month, 5-year-old Minnie Mouse fan Kinsley and her family got to see her Disney dream come true after her wish to go to Disneyland was granted.

Kinsley was diagnosed with a tumor just days after her second birthday and underwent a year of surgeries and chemotherapy in Denver, but has been in remission for three years.

"The best part is that she is healthy now and got to truly enjoy her wish," said Kinsley’s mother, Jennifer.

"Disneyland was magical," Jennifer added. "One of her favorite movies is Eutopia, and Kinsley got to meet some characters from the movie. Kinsley got to see all the things she watches in the movies come to life."

Kinsley’s wish proved to be everything they could have hoped for and more.

From staying onsite to skipping the long lines, Kinsley and her family had a one-of-a-kind Disney experience.

And as an added bonus, Kinsley’s grandfather was able to go with them.

Kinsley and her family also got to explore the San Diego Zoo, which turned out to be another day of surprises, especially when Kinsley’s cousins showed up.

"(It) was so fun because Kinsley loves animals," said Jennifer. "She really wanted to see a red panda which she saw and, of course, became the highlight of the trip."

"We also rode the double-decker bus and sky bucket over the zoo which was an amazing experience," added Jennifer.

Make-A-Wish Wyoming
Make-A-Wish Wyoming

When asked what her favorite parts of the trip were, Kinsley was quick to mention the Winnie the Pooh ride that Disneyland staff let her stay on and ride several times over and over, the Dumbo ride, and of course the red panda.

"The whole wish experience reminded us there are really good people in the world who will help support your kid through tough times," said Jennifer. "It changed our perspective, and it was a dream come true."

"This wish created lifelong memories for our whole family, and we had a great time watching Kinsley smile, laugh, and be free," she added.

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