You can always tell when spring is on the way by a quick stop at Home Depot or Lowes. How? When spring's warm weather is around the corner, gardening supplies begin appearing in stores.

Nothing brightens up my spring more than planting a garden. There's something relaxing about the process of planting and caring for a bed of flowers or vegetables. My annual trip to select seeds kicks off this yearly growing season - but I don't head to Home Depot or even Walmart to find my seeds. I head to the library.

Yes, you heard me right - I get my gardening seeds from the Laramie County Library. The library is home to a wonderful resource for new and seasoned gardeners called 'The Seed Library.'

Introducing the Seed Library of Laramie County

The Seed Library is a joint project between the Laramie County Library and Laramie County Master Gardeners. It provides a bounty of plant varietals known to thrive in SE Wyoming. You don't have to worry that the tomato you picked out won't grow at this altitude - each plant is selected because it grows well in our state.

How to Use the Seed Library:

It's easy to access and use the Seed Library. You can place an order for seeds online or visit the third floor of the Laramie County Library to select your seeds.

To place an online order, check out the seed catalog by clicking here. Select your seeds and fill out the Online Seed Selection Form Here. You can choose up to 12 seed packets. Then, head to the library to pick up the seeds.

To place an order at the library, head to the third floor 'Ask Here' desk and pick up a catalog and selection form. Fill out the form and return it to the desk. The librarians will fill the order for you.

How to Plant Seeds From the Seed Library?

Each packet will have instructions on how and when to plant seeds in the ground. If you have more questions about growing your seeds, you can always ask a Master Gardener.

What's A Master Gardener?

A Master Gardener has attended a program designed to teach extensive skills in horticulture or the science of garden cultivation. You can contact a local Master Gardener by calling 307.633.4383. For more gardening resources in Laramie County, click here.

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