A recent article tells us that "doing donuts" in an empty parking lot is illegal in Casper, Wyoming.

But, hold on.

When lawmakers write laws they have to be very particular about the language.

In many cases, laws that have been passed have to be amended because the public either misunderstood the language or found a clever way to use the language to get around the law.

Every law on the books starts with a definition of the words used in the law, to remove any misunderstanding.

What do we mean by "doing donuts"?

Lawmakers would have had a discussion to clarify,

Doing Donuts means spinning your vehicle around in circles on a slick parking lot or other paved area.

Yes, they would have actually had that discussion, out loud.

They would not want anyone to get the impression that they could be arrested for sitting in their car, eating donuts, in an empty parking lot.

Though let's face it, either sort of donut in an empty parking lot is going to attract cops.

Would you get a ticket for eating donuts in an empty parking lot?

Would the donuts be confiscated as "evidence?"

If you are eating donuts in an empty parking lot and a cop shows up, is offering him one considered bribery?

That's illegal too.

He'll be mad if you don't let him take that delicious jelly donut you were saving for last.

So, you see, writing an ordinance making donuts illegal is not as easy as you might think.

I wonder if a city council member thought to bring donuts to that meeting.

I would have, just to get a laugh, and because, well, DONUTS.

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