Overcrowded cities and states are losing population. Those places are expensive, taxes are too high. Crime is rising. Bureaucracy is strangling businesses.

As people look for a place to escape, Wyoming's population grows.

That's surprising to some people here, but it's true.

The population of Wyoming in 2020 was 577,664, a 0.42% decline from 2019.

But after that, the Cowboy State grew in population to 578,803 (2021).

There was another bump in 2023 to 584,057, a 0.42% increase from 2022.

Those numbers may not be huge but Wyoming could be the next hot spot for people looking to settle down.

In the last three years, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wyoming has seen a serious jump in Google searches for real estate and Wyoming towns.

Last year Wyoming was the most Googled state.

Not every dip in population is due to people leaving Wyoming.

The state has a higher-than-average death rate, due to old age, and a lower-than-average birth rate.

As for new people moving here, the state is an attractive option due to the cost of living and low taxes, including no state income tax.

attachment-Wyoming population 2024

While Wyoming is the 10th largest in terms of surface area, it has the lowest recorded population of any state in the Union.

This state is the second most sparsely populated.

What the state sees is a healthy growth rate of 1.13%, which ranks 15th among all 50 states.

Wyoming is America's least populated state, and that has always been a problem. Well, the people who live in Wyoming don't see that as a problem, they like it.

In 1870, the population of Wyoming stood at just 9,118 but significant increases were to follow for the latter half of that century. Just ten years later in 1880, a rise of over 100% had taken the figure to 20,789, and a further 200% increase saw the population in 1890 rise to 62,555. (World Population Review). 

Despite the growth, don't expect to see major cities in the Cowboy State. Wyoming is still nothing but small towns.


Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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