There are a lot of ways to determine how windy it is. You could just use an app on your cell phone. Welcome to modern times.

But you can also have more fun by looking at what's happening around you and interpreting.

Let's say it's a windy day in Wyoming and you have a basic trash can outside.

That's your first mistake. A standard trash can will never survive in Wyoming. Either the wind or the animals will get to it.

Still, let's have a look. You can use your trash can to judge wind speed.

You might think I'm joking but some weather forecasters at TV stations around the nation are actually using this method.

We have to assume a lot here, like how much trash is in your can and how much it weighs. Let's assume some averages and move on.

Rocking = 10 mph.

Lid open = 20 mph.

Completely tipped over = 30 mph.

In your neighbor's yard = 40 mph.

Missing in action = 50 mph or greater.

So how fast is the wind if you see your trash can flying high into the air?

Here is another TV weather reporter using the trash can method.

Since these are meteorologists can we then assume that the trash can method is "science?"

I'm going to say that it is. So when you're at home watching your trash can tumble down the street you can tell your spouse, "Let it go. This is science."

Below is a video of a neighborhood where every trash can has been tipped over and a few have even been blown down the street a little.

Using the chart above can you tell how fast the wind was blowing to do this?

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