The U.S. House passed Speaker Mike Johnson’s stopgap spending measure that would continue to fund the government into the new year.

No spending problems were solved. A budget was not passed. The House just voted to keep spending what it has been spending.

The continuing resolution faced opposition from members of the House Freedom Caucus.

In all 93 Republicans ended up voting against the bill.

The bill passed because Democrats backed it.

This latest temporary spending measure passed the House 336-95.

Wyoming congresswoman Harriet Hageman voted against H.R. 6363.

When asked why the congresswoman said:

While I appreciate the predicament that Speaker Johnson finds himself in, we cannot continue to do business as usual in Washington and expect different results for the American people.

This short-term bill continues spending at current, grossly inflated, levels that were based on COVID-19 spending.

It has no provisions to enact border security measures that would stop the flood of illegals entering our country, and it does nothing to rein in the regulatory state.

The House of Representatives has already passed seven of twelve appropriations bills which fund 75% of our government.

These bills are fiscally responsible, are designed to bring some fiscal sanity to Washington, DC, and rein in the woke nonsense that has permeated so many of our federal agencies.


We should be insisting that the Senate take up these bills, pass them, or counter them. We should not be simply delaying the process to January and February.

We are $33 trillion in debt, and we have over 11,000 illegals crossing our border each day. The status quo is unsustainable.

The Senate voted Wednesday night in favor of the short-term government funding bill the House passed Tuesday night ahead of Friday's shutdown deadline.

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