Parking at the University of Wyoming can be something of an adventure. Or, at least, it could be before the new parking garage opened. Now, students and staff at the University of Wyoming have access to hundreds of more parking spaces - spaces that have been sorely needed for the campus.

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The University of Wyoming Ivinson Parking Garage Opens

The new parking garage opened on May 4. The $29 million project addresses the displacement of parking on 15th Street (The Wyoming Union lot) in preparation for the new housing project taking place on campus. The Wyoming Union lot closes permanently on May 26.

The Ivinson Garage contains 373 parking spaces total, ten of which are reserved for the University of Wyoming Police Department. Members of the public and University staff and students are welcome to use the metered parking or obtain a permit for $32.50 at the UW Transportation Services website. For more information on the new Ivinson Parking Garage, click here.

The UW Police Department Finds a New HQ In the Ivinson Garage

In addition to providing more space for students, faculty, and the public on campus, the Ivison Garage serves as the new HQ for the UWPD. The new office location provides more usable space for the PD and is closer to the university than the old UWPD police station at 1426 E Flint Street.

“We appreciate this new location, which includes a lot more usable space and is closer to campus,” UW Police Chief Mike Samp told the University of Wyoming. For more info on the new PD Headquarters, click here.

All in all, the new Ivinson Parking Garage provides much-needed space for the University of Wyoming and signals a dedication to growing and improving the campus.

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