I'll begin by saying this isn't my idea and it's not a McDonald's promotion or menu item, but it probably should be, and your food choices are your own.

Food hacks are found all over social media and some are more intriguing than others. I haven't eaten at a McDonald's for over 6 months. Not that I don't love McDonald's, just trying to eat better and stick to my new way of eating.

Seeing this McDonald's food hack, I really started craving McD's, but I'm not sure I could eat this food item.

Actually, it's not even a real food item, just something that a guy somewhere thought was a great idea to try and share it to the world. @Kyleistook on Instagram shared this hack and it was liked by over 300,000 people in just five days, and I thought for sure there would be someone here in Wyoming that would try it. OR at least think about it.

Outside of Subway and a couple pizza places, McDonald's has the most 'burger' fast food restaurants in the state with 22. So, there are many people in the state that can try this hack, but to accomplish it, you MUST have a HUGE appetite.

The McDonald's Super Burrito

Super Burrito
@kyleistook via Instagram

To start, you have to order these items from McDonald's

  • 2 single cheeseburgers
  • 1 order of fries
  • 1 order of 6 chicken McNuggets
  • McDonald's Ranch
  • McDonald's Ketchup
  • 2 slices of McDonald's American cheese

Next you'll need 2 large tortilla's. You can get these at any grocery store, Walmart or swing by your favorite Mexican restaurant to pick up a couple.

The next step is to build your super burrito

  • Lay the first tortilla flat
  • place the two cheeseburgers in the center
  • top with the nuggets, fries, ketchup, ranch and two slices of cheese
  • Place tortilla #2 on top of pile and wrap tortilla #1 tightly around the pile.
  • You'll then need to use a panini maker or other heat source to toast the burrito

Now you're ready to eat.

Would you try it? Have you tried it? Let me know. drew.kirby@townsquaremedia.com

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