Monday morning's practice at St. John Fisher University was the first padded practice of Buffalo Bills training camp.

That first day of padded practice is always a big deal. It shows the coaches who is the furthest along in season preparation and gives the players their first dose of real contact in months.

The bad aspect of the first day in pads is the added worry of an injury. It's a nervous time for coaches, media and fans who are spectating.

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The Bills had a brief injury scare on Monday, which didn't last very long, but the player in question was the most important for the 2023 season.

Bills starting quarterback Josh Allen was hit in practice, even though he was not the one who threw the ball. He stayed down for a bit but it appears he had the wind knocked out of him and was able to get off the field. He was even smiling after the incident, so he will be alright.

Mark Gaughan of The Buffalo News did say that Josh appeared to be favoring his right hamstring.

Thad Brown shared a photo of Josh walking off, embracing Johnson.

The play in question was a trick play, where Allen was the intended receiver.

We don't have video of the play but for sure you don't hit the quarterback (hence the red jerseys) and why even put Allen in that position in the first place? Should be noted to all that Allen shouldn't be hit if that play is called.

It looks like Allen will be fine but definitely caused a scare for those in attendance on Monday.

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