Is your house old? Not in the "Gross, that house is so old," way, but the charming "There's history here!" way? Find out for sure with the "Is Your House Historic?" workshop, being put on by the Alliance for Historic Wyoming and 4th Street Studios on Saturday, June 15th.

This free workshop will provide guides and resources for homeowners who want to know the history of their property. From 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, join the American Heritage Center, 4th Street Studios, Downtown Laramie for presentations, then an open house afterwards. The workshop will be held at 4th Street Studios.

There are 41 sites in Albany County listed on the National Register of Historic Places, one of which is also a National Historic Landmark, and with Laramie's long history, your property could be hiding some fascinating history under that drywall. Some of these historic places are residential homes that would otherwise be overlooked.


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