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Dr. Robert Sternberg is making his first visit to Laramie since being named as the person who will be UW's President, following the retirement of current president, Dr. Tom Buchanan.

During his visit on Monday, Dr. Sternberg addressed a public meeting of the UW Faculty Senate, where he outlined twelve values that he felt were important regarding a University.

Here are Dr. Sternberg's Twelve Values followed by a quote on each from his address to the Faculty Senate:

  • Academic Excellence- "It's not just about a state you've attained but the process of achieving it."
  • Academic Freedom- "People have to be free to express to say and express their ideas.  To do the research they want to do, to teach the way they want to teach, within the boundaries of reasonableness."
  • Academic Integrity and Ethics- "If you don't have academic integrity, you have absolutely nothing."
  • Diversity- "If everyone were a clone of yourself, you'd be in a maximum comfortable environment, but you wouldn't learn anything."
  • Service- "Land grant university to me are about serving.  Serving our fields, serving our communities, serving our states, developing service leadership among our students, and asking ourselves 'how we can serve better?'"
  • Shared Governance- "I think you make the best decisions with group problem solving, and solve it with as many points of view as possible."
  • Passion- "If you have a teacher that conveys passion and enthusiasm, that's how you really excite students."
  • Modifiability- "It's really important as an institution that we keep getting better and we believe in the modifiability of our students and ourselves, as faculty members, that everybody and every institution can get better."
  • Community- "I think a sense of community and caring about each other and wanting, not just only to advance your own career, but the careers of others is important."
  • Globalization- "We live in a global world, and our student's aren't going to succeed if they just see things in their own way and don't have the global perspective."
  •  Mutual Respect and Dignity- "That we recognize the value and dignity of each person whether their a faculty member, the president, a maintenance worker, a librarian, and every student."
Sternberg is a psychologist and scholar who currently serves as provost and senior vice president at Oklahoma State University.  He was named as the 24th President of the University of Wyoming by the UW Board of Trustees.  He will take office July 1, succeeding retiring President Dr. Tom Buchanan.
Sternberg is to continue his campus visit Tuesday before returning to OSU. One of his first priorities is to travel around Wyoming to meet with residents, legislators, business leaders and K-12 educators.

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