Last week, we asked, "if Wyoming had a flavor, what would it be?" and I had such a fun time going through the answers.

My personal favorite was:

"Wyoming wouldn’t have a flavor cause Wyoming doesn’t exist."

I get this every time I travel. People always ask me "Wyoming? I've never met anyone from Wyoming. Didn't know it actually exists," and it cracks me up every time.

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There were a lot of wildlife answers, and some, were a little too specific.

"A lovely bit of antelope, cooked to perfection, but drizzled with crude oil"


"Elk blackstrap cooked over a campfire in a cast iron skillet."

The winning answer was Sagebrush. Check out some of the other answers we have gotten below.

What Does Wyoming Taste Like? (According to Locals)

We asked locals what they think Wyoming would taste like if it has a flavor, and here are the answers.


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