School board officials may be ending four Green River sports programs as budget cuts. Are these the sports that should be the first to go in Wyoming?

The Sweetwater County district proposed eliminating High School indoor track and field, spring tennis, golf teams and cheerleading for the wrestling team. (Did cheerleaders, themselves, really want to be at every wrestling event anyway?)

This would save $200,000. That being a lot of money, is it only the beginning of a trend that’s going statewide. No one is saying things could ever get so dire - of all the endangered sports in Wyoming – that officials would ever cut football. Or would they?

If you look at those four Green River programs, however, are those sports that many of us will really miss?  (Real golfers will hate to see their game go away, and this is sad for those gifted in track & field events, but) we have already begged this poll question:

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