The American Red Cross of Wyoming has been delivering food to firefighters all over Campbell County as they try to suppress the fires ignited by a Monday night storm.

Some of the fires were estimated to be as small as a few hundred feet in size, while other blazes -- including the Stallions Fire -- have burned over 1,000 acres.

No evacuations are currently in place.

The Campbell County Fire Department says no wildfires had been reported in the county as of Friday. Then, on Monday evening, the department announced its employees were "swamped" as they worked to extinguish six fires, and asked the public to avoid calling dispatch for updates.

Early Tuesday, the department said its firefighters have been working "literally around the clock" to fight the fires which have cropped up in just the past three days.

The Red Cross offers a number of safety, survival and fire prevention tips on its website. The organization is also accepting donations to help provide disaster relief.

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