Ok, I know there is a lot of awesome real estate across The Cowboy State, but, man, this property outside of Laramie is a real looker. I mean, I was awestricken just looking at this retreat. Not only is it nestled by a smaller mountain range, but it also has a lake. AND, that lake has a beach.

The property itself is huge. It's sitting at 100 acres, 25 miles outside of Laramie. This place is the epitome of Wyoming. It's so beautiful, it'll make even the staunchest city boy want to move west.

If being situated at Lake Hattie wasn't enough, this property also has a shooting range. So, you have options for fishing and safe firearm practice.

I think my favorite part of the property is just how tranquil it is. I mean, it's really out there, but not really. If you want to get away from people, you can. If you want to run to a small shop, Centennial is close and if you need something bigger, Laramie is 25 miles out. Of course, the big city of Cheyenne isn't far, either. But, you can really just avoid it all if you want.

I'd really want to just be a hermit if I had this place if I'm being honest. It seems like a great spot where you could live off the land. They have information on getting elk tags and it has plenty of hunting space for deer and antelope.

I forgot to mention, this place could be yours for just $2.2 million.

So, dust off your boots, and let's take a look at this gorgeous property.

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