Get ready to live your life like the characters of Yellowstone with this ranch that sits outside of Laramie. It's only a mere 12.5 million bucks!

The real estate broker, Hayden Outdoor Real Estate, for this property, has done their homework on this property for sure. Not only getting awesome shots of the property via a drone but also looking into the history of the property.

According to the listing, this property was first settled in 1872! That not only gives Yellowstone vibes but now, it gives Yellowstone 1883 vibes! This is awesome. Originally in the 1800s, there were several homes for owners and workers, along with a school. It's just wild to think about how much settlement has been changed across the Cowboy State, and this is a great illustration of that.

The ranch has 2,400 acres so there's more than enough space to get out and stretch. There is also plenty of space for fishing and hunting as this property edges the national forest, so you could probably bag yourself an elk. My favorite part is that the land covers almost 2 miles of the Little Laramie River. So if you want to fish, there's no lack of water to do so.

This property really does have it all if you're looking to make a major life change and have over 12 million bucks lying around. I wouldn't blame you. There's plenty of space to do whatever you really want on top of ranching. Waking up to that view every day really would be living the dream.

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