Hoarding has become such a problem in society, there is a popular TV show called 'Hoarders' on A&E and professional organizers have become a new career of many.

The definition of "Hoard" is to stock or store money or valuable objects that is secret or carefully guarded. In March of 2020 we all got caught with our pants down during the first shutdown and all became hoarders...at least of certain items, like toilet paper and disinfecting wipes. Who would've thought that toilet paper would've been the root of fights and friction.

There are some that are proud of their hoarding abilities and some their hoarding cause issues with their relationships, life and finances.

I never considered myself a hoarder and never thought I had a problem with it UNTIL I read a recent study done by Studyfinds.org and saw that 62% of American's are plastic hoarders!!!! Plastic hoarders? What is that? You know the over bearing feeling you get when you empty out the sour cream or cottage cheese in the fridge, then wash the container and keep it "just in case you need it"? Or when you go to the grocery store and instead of putting the plastic bag into the recycle or trash container, you put it in the spare cabinet "just in case you need it"? Yep, that's plastic hoarding!

When I go to visit my mother, you never know if you're actually going to get Country Crock Butter or mashed potatoes from 3 nights ago!! I have found that I will do the same thing...even though I have 2 cabinets dedicated to Tupperware like products, I still keep those containers. Same thing with the grocery bags, I have a cabinet dedicated to those too! I mean, you never know when you're going to need to carry lunch to work right?

I took a survey of whether or not people felt like they were a hoarder. Surprisingly there were many that were proud of the fact and some that were accidental hoarders!

Here are 10 of the popular items hoarded:

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