Democratic congressional candidate Ryan Greene says while his most prominent opponent is running on rhetoric, his campaign is focused on practical solutions for Wyoming.

"My opponent, Liz Cheney -- she's talking about day one, the IRS is gone, day two, the EPA is gone, day three she's going toe-to-toe with the president," Greene says. "The reality is, when we look at the last congress, seven hundred and twenty-one bills were introduced by freshman congressman. And of those seven hundred and twenty-one, nineteen of those became law."

"And seven of those nineteen were renaming post offices," Greene adds.

Greene emphasizes that Wyomingites, with just one representative in the U.S. House, have to be realistic about what they can and can't get done in Congress.

But he says that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of work to be done, and Wyoming needs a representative who will roll up their sleeves and go to work.

"I'm proposing practical, realistic solutions and steps to put Wyoming in the conversation," Greene says.

Greene on Tuesday was endorsed by the Wyoming State AFL-CIO, the state federation of labor representing 55 unions and over 17,000 Wyoming workers.

“Greene is a Wyoming worker, and he supports Wyoming’s workers,” said Kim Floyd, Executive Secretary of the Wyoming State AFL-CIO. “Greene supports our ability to organize, and he wants to keep Wyoming’s public lands in public hands, so workers can keep hunting, camping, fishing, and hiking—without paying for access.”

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