Governor Mark Gordon on Tuesday signed 20 more bills passed by the Wyoming Legislature during its recent eight-day virtual session into state law.

The governor has now signed every bill passed by lawmakers during that session into law. Lawmakers are scheduled to reconvene in Cheyenne on March 1 for a roughly month-long session.

Most of the higher-profile pieces of legislation, including a school finance recalibration measure that would cut education funding in the state by $100 million, will be considered during that general session. Wyoming usually alternates a month-long budget session every other year with a two-month general session.

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But this year legislative leaders re-worked what would have been a two-month general session into a different schedule because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is the list of bills the governor signed into law yesterday:

Bill No.Enrolled Act #Bill Title
HB0008HEA0006Consumer credit amendments
HB0018HEA0007Military training memorials
HB0025HEA0008Tribal vehicle registration exemption implementation
HB0035HEA0009Theft statute-amendment
HB0045HEA0010Changes to water right - notice requirements for hearing
HB0030HEA0013Public utility assessment
HB0009HEA0015Short time compensation program
HB0027HEA0016Business code revisions
HB0013HEA0017Alcoholic beverage regulation
HB0015HEA0018Department of transportation communication facilities
HJ0001HEJR0001Traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress treatments
SF0057SEA0005School finance-dates for fund transfers
SF0014SEA0007Credit for reinsurance
SF0032SEA0008Water permit notice requirements
SF0060SEA0009Monthly ad valorem tax revisions-2
SF0029SEA0010Revised uniform law on notarial acts
SF0054SEA0011Statewide health information exchange-codification
SF0026SEA0012Animal abuse statutes reorganization and update
SF0018SEA0013Universal occupational licensure
SF0053SEA0014Ground ambulance service provider assessment act


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