Governor Mark Gordon had another press conference on April 29 to discuss further updates regarding reopening Wyoming.

He first went over why the government chose to open barbershops, gyms, and beauty salons first. He stated that they were easing restrictions on those businesses because they were places where people do not meet together, but instead there is limited contact between people.

Governor Gordon stated that the State does not want to take one step forward two steps back in the approach to get back to normalcy, but instead that the goal is to limit public interactions. Hence he left the public gathering order in place until May 15th.

He also stated that businesses that are permitted to reopen do not need to request permission to do so but can open on their own as long as they follow new restrictions.

He clarified further that exceptions can be requested by each county, depending on each county's specific situation.

The quarantine order for out of state visitors will be extended until May 8th. Gordon asked visitors to postpone vacation to Wyoming at this time.

Regarding camping, state park campgrounds can be open to Wyoming residents only on May 15.

Governor Gordon stated that there would be new operations procedures in place for state parks. These will be gone over at the press conference on April 30.

Director of the Wyoming Business Council, Josh Dorrell, came up to discuss the state of businesses in Wyoming. He said that businesses would need to take a careful, data-driven approach when it comes to reopening. He said that the council is there to help businesses understand health guidelines and that they will be presenting webinars for businesses to help them with restarting their businesses and answer any questions which they may have.

Gordon finished the press conference by thanking the people of Wyoming for being understanding, as the State works this process carefully.

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