Amidst what many news sources are calling a 'border crisis,' Wyoming representatives have made their feelings known when it comes to how the Biden Administration is handling the situation at the border. Governor Gordon, specifically, took to Twitter to declare that Wyoming will not house, nor relocate, illegal immigrants.

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Recently, President Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the efforts regarding the border crisis, but both the President and the Vice President have not yet offered details on their plans.

During a recent press conference, Biden stated that the new surge of immigrants looking to cross the border is the result of the previous administration's efforts, or lack thereof.

"So this new surge we’re dealing with now started with the last administration, but it’s our responsibility to deal with it humanely and to — and to stop what’s happening," President Biden stated. "And so, this increase has been consequential, but the Vice President has agreed — among the multiple other things that I have her leading — and I appreciate it — agreed to lead our diplomatic effort and work with those nations to accept re- — the returnees, and enhance migration enforcement at their borders — at their borders."

Senator John Barrasso recently visited the U.S./Mexico Border and, in his words, performed a 'Midnight Patrol' with border police. Barrasso also claimed that the Biden Administration censored footage that he had taken, which allegedly showcased horrid conditions at the border.

"That's what our agents are up against as a result of the policies of the Biden Administration. Today we went to the Donna facility. And what we saw were young people crammed in like sardines; something none of us would want for any of our own children. And as we tried and did video what was happening there to share with the country and the world, the Biden Administration censors tried to stop us."

U.S. Representative Liz Cheney also offered her opinion on the current border situation, stating that "Democrats' failed policies have created the devastating and ongoing crisis at our border," Cheney wrote. "The Biden Administration is encouraging illegal immigration by stopping construction of the wall, offering taxpayer checks to illegal immigrants & reimplementing catch and release."

But Governor Gordon is the most recent Wyoming Representative to offer a firm stance on the Biden Administration's Border Policy, and how it relates to Wyoming itself.

"I share the concerns of many Wyoming residents about illegal immigration issues currently facing the country and how they may be impacting Wyoming," Gordon wrote on his Twitter page. "I want to state clearly and unequivocally that the State of Wyoming will not participate in relocation or housing efforts of illegal immigrants or unaccompanied minors, and I have made our position clear to Federal officials."

Gordon continued, stating that, "The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security has advised our office that they are not aware of any Federal immigration plans that include Wyoming. Along with other Republican governors, I will continue to actively monitor the situation and will respond as forcefully as needed."



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