Gov. Mark Gordon on Monday signed an executive order that allows businesses with a restaurant or a bar and grill license to sell alcohol with their curbside deliveries of food, he said during a news conference.

"This is intended to help these businesses that are really taking a hard knock at this particular time," Gordon said.


The order says the businesses with liquor licenses are permitted to sell limited off-premises malt beverages and wines for take-out and curbside pickup under these conditions:

  • The alcohol sale must be made on the same receipt or transaction as the accompanying food sale.
  • The total alcohol price may not exceed 49% of the total pre-tax price of the entire order.
  • The alcohol must be in its original sealed container.
  • The sales are subject to the same age restrictions as other alcohol sales.
  • The sales must be made at the same menu prices that were on March 18 with no further discounts.
  • Alcohol sales are limited to no more than 750 milliliters or wine or no more than 48 ounces of malt beverage.
  • The businesses must notify local law enforcement that they are temporarily selling off their premises and provide a menu price list.
  • The sale must occur within the licensed building through a phone call or internet order, and orders must be placed with a credit card, debit or other electronic payment.
  • The executive order and its provisions only apply to take-out or curbside pickup at the business location.
  • The executive order shall expire at the end of the statewide emergency declared on March 13, but no later than midnight April 17.

The governor also said that the state is looking at ways to help the oil, gas and trona industries as it deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He was joined by state health officer Dr. Alexia Harrist and Dr. David Wheeler during the news conference.

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