On Wednesday, June 14, member of Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming delivered nearly 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to patients of the Meredith and Jeannie Ray Cancer Center at Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

During cookie sales back in February, buyers were given the option to donate boxes to cancer patients through the Scout Gift of Caring program. The program also donates to firefighters, police officers, and army troops.

The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming have been delivering the Scout Gift of Caring Cookies to Relay for Life events and cancer centers throughout Wyoming due to medical evidence indicating that mint can help cancer patients.

While undergoing chemotherapy, up to 70 percent of patients say that they experience nausea during the treatment. The cooling effect of peppermint can help stop spasms in the gastrointestinal tract and help ease the nausea for these patients. Peppermint also helps with dysgeusia, which sometimes leaves patients with a metallic taste in their mouths. Thin Mints have been shown to counteract the metallic taste for these patients.

Approximately 28,500 boxes of cookies have been delivered through the Scout Gift of Caring within the last five years. If you or someone you know would like to join Girl Scouts or become a volunteer, please click here or call 800-736-5243.

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