Extreme fire danger in southeast Wyoming has prompted the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to ban open fires within Laramie and Albany counties.

Affected lands include Forbes/Sheep Mountain, Jelm, Laramie Peak , Tom Thorne/Beth Williams Wildlife Habitat Management Areas and all public access areas within Laramie and Albany counties.

"Everything seems to be drying out," said Jerry Cowles, the Habitat and Access Supervisor in Laramie. "We just want the public to take a little bit of responsibility and understand what's going. We don't want to burn down the whole state."

Cowles says building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire charcoal grill, coal or wood burning stove as well as smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or designated area, are prohibited during the fire ban.

"We just don't want to create a hazard during the hunting season for all the hunters that are going to be out in the field," said Cowles.

Sportsmen should also note a partial county-wide fire ban is in effect in both Laramie and Albany counties until further notice.

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