A Florida crossbow hunter by the name of Corey Chubon is lucky to be alive. His Wyoming guide and father of five, Mark Uptain, was not as lucky.

The unfortunate story took place back on September 14th, 2018. Chubon was on a hunting trip on Terrace Mountain in the Teton Wilderness, which is roughly around 45 miles northeast of Jackson, Wyoming. Chubon and Uptain had gone back for an elk carcass when they were attacked by two grizzly bears.

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In the video (shown below), Chubon goes into detail about what happened, even showing his wounds from the attack. He stated that while he was being mauled and bitten by the bear, he attempted to throw a handgun to his guide, but the weapon fell short of its intended target. Chubon, stated several times that he thought that's how he was going to die.

A very detailed investigation went on for months, with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department capturing and killing the bears.

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