A man had a “surprise encounter” with a grizzly bear while working in the Shoshone National Forest Northwest of Dubois on Sunday, Aug 5. He was treated at the scene by first responders and then flown to the hospital for further treatment.

Wyoming Game and Fish said the man encountered the lone grizzly at close range while conducting survey work in the Sheridan Creek drainage on Sunday morning. The wounds sustained by the man were indicative of an “aggressive defensive” encounter at close range. 

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The attack happened so quickly the man was not able to deploy bear spray, so he dropped, covered his head and neck, and did not fight back. The bear left the area after the encounter, and the man was able to leave the scene and call 911. Drone surveillance found no traces of the bear later in the afternoon.

Fremont County Sheriff’s office and an ambulance responded to the call, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department was notified at that time. Game and Fish interviewed the man before he was flown to the hospital. Because of the surprise nature of the attack, Game and Fish have no further management plans.

“First and foremost, we want to wish the individual a quick and successful recovery. His split-second reaction to this sudden, defensive encounter with a bear was the best possible response to this unfortunate situation,” said Lander Regional Wildlife Supervisor Jason Hunter. “We also want to thank the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and the Dubois Police Department for their on-the-ground support into the investigation.”

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