Officials with the Laramie Fire Department would like to remind people that the use of fireworks within Laramie city limits is prohibited. Fire Marshal Gary Egge says this applies to all classifications of fireworks including things like hand-held sparklers.

Egge says there are other options for people if they do choose to utilize fireworks for the holiday. He says people can use fireworks on private land in the county not within half a mile of the city boundary. People must get permission before using fireworks on private land.

He encourages people to check for any possible fire bans before using fireworks on private property, because they still are within the jurisdiction if any restrictions are in place. He says people can visit the Albany County Fire Warden’s website or call the Laramie Fire Department for information on fire bans.

Another option for people to enjoy fireworks this season is to attend the Fire in the Sky fireworks display in Laramie. The display will take place around 10 p.m. on Independence Day and will be launched from the Aragon Softball Complex. For more information on Fire in the Sky click here.

While fireworks can be fun for the holiday, it is important to use them responsibly and legally, says Egge. He reminds people to always have an adult light the fireworks and to use them the way they are intended.

Anyone using or even possessing fireworks within city limits could face a fine up to $750, added Egge.

For more information on firework safety for this Fourth of July visit the National Fire Protection Association website.

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