POWELL, Wyo. (AP) — Prosecutors in Wyoming say a woman mistakenly texted a police officer in her search for a gram of methamphetamine.

Audrey K. Biggica, 23, pleaded not guilty Monday to attempting to possess a controlled substance and prostitution. Prosecutors allege Biggica indicated she was willing to perform a sex act as part of the payment.

Powell Police Sgt. Paul Sapp reported receiving the misdirected text on Sept. 17. He agreed to meet Biggica.

However, he was in uniform so he asked Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation Agent Chris Wallace to help.

Sapp hid in the back seat of Wallace's truck when Wallace met Biggica in an alley. Wallace drove around before pulling up to the police department and identifying himself and Sapp. Biggica was arrested on the misdemeanor charges Oct. 5.

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