I think I can prove what I'm about to say with science. There are way worse ways you can spend your time than watching a video panorama of a hundred or so Wyoming wild horses.

I guess sitting in a jacuzzi counting your money while someone feeds you grapes could be OK, but is it really better than a big herd of Wyoming wild horses. Nope is the answer to that question (for me anyway).

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I have no idea who Al Perry is, but it's obvious we need to be friends. He just dropped the most stunning video panorama of a herd of wild horses. He doesn't mention the location, but there are a lot of possibilities.

Travel Wyoming lists the many places in our state where these gorgeous animals roam. As they mention, Pryor Mountains, near Rock Springs or the Wind River area will likely increase your likelihood of being able to witness Wyoming wild horse awesomeness.

Back to that panorama being better than most other things you could be doing with your life, here's what Al just shared.

Thanks for the video share, Al. The rest of my day will have a hard time living up to your Wyoming wild horse awesomeness.

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